Marriage license records, 1857-1960: The Indian Express

The birth certificate, marriage license, marriage certificate of each husband and wife in a marriage have been made available to the public.

The details of their marriages have been recorded in the Indian Express database, available on Google Scholar.

The database was developed in collaboration with the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) and the Census Bureau in collaboration.

According to a press release from the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the project was started in 2011 and launched by the Department of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

According the release, the records have been compiled by using the latest data collected from the Census of India.

The records were collected in two phases, one for couples who married in the year 1860 and the other for couples married in 1857.

The 1857 marriage certificate was used to check that the marriage records are authentic and complete.

The 1857 Marriage Certificate was issued by the government of India on April 14, 1861.

The marriage records of all couples were digitised in June, 1858.

According a press statement by the Ministry, the data collected by the project is open to the general public, so anyone can search for information pertaining to their marriage and birth, by typing in the number of years between the marriage and the birth, the marriage license number or the date of the marriage.

The census bureau has been using the data to check the validity of the records.