Pope Francis: Marriage license for gay couple ‘is like a sacrament’

Pope Francis is saying the Vatican should legalize same-sex marriage in the United States.

“Marriage is something that is a sacrament, something that we receive from God,” Francis said in a video broadcast by the Vatican’s television service.

“When we receive a blessing from the Lord, it is like a blessing that is also given by a priest, and when a blessing is given by the priest it is also a blessing,” he said.

“So it’s not that there are two persons, but two persons.

It is not like two people, but like two persons.”

The Pope made the comments in a YouTube video posted Sunday and broadcast on Sunday.

“We ask for and ask for the blessing of the priesthood,” he says.

“And the priest is not only the pastor of the church, but the priest who is the minister of the Gospel.”

“Marriages are also like a sacramental sacrament,” Francis continues.

“They are like a gift, because of the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is the Holy Catholic Church.”

But we also have the priest and the bishop, who have a responsibility to be faithful, and to be attentive and to see that the blessing that God has given to them is received by the people and that the people are present.

“The comments come as the United Nations’ top human rights official said Tuesday that he will recommend that the United Kingdom legalize same‑sex marriage, in a move that could trigger a legal challenge from the Catholic Church in England.

The U.N. special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples called for Britain to do the same, but said the pope should not interfere.

The pope’s comments are consistent with his past calls to allow same-gender marriages and are “a sign of a profound concern for the social, political and religious freedom of Catholics,” the rapporteur, Antonio Guterres, said in an emailed statement.

In a speech Sunday, Pope Francis also said he would use his influence to get the Catholic bishops in the U.K. to adopt the new position, although it was unclear how that would be achieved.

In recent years, the pope has sought to encourage the bishops in some Western countries to abandon their opposition to same-year marriages, saying the bishops should follow the example of the Church in Rome.

In February, Pope Benedict XVI urged the bishops to accept same-dated marriages.

Francis in August declared that same-aged couples should have the same rights.”

The Church must not be divided in the struggle for the dignity of marriage,” he wrote.”

It is important that the church and the state recognize and recognize that in the church as well as in the state.

I do not want to say this, but that the Church should recognize and accept marriages between a man and a woman, between a woman and a man, for those who are lawfully wedded.

“In March, the Vatican issued a landmark statement in favor of same-date marriages, which included a brief reference to the Pope’s call.

The statement, which was drafted in partnership with the Vatican-run Italian newspaper La Repubblica, said that same‑year marriage “is a good solution to the problem of same‑gender relationships.””

The Catholic Church does not oppose this and neither should the pope,” the document said.