Why ‘Marriage Equality’ is a joke

It’s a common trope to hear that the LGBT community is divided into two camps: the “religious” one, and the “gay” one.

The former is mostly made up of people who believe that homosexuality is a sin, and is therefore immoral.

The latter is comprised of people like me who have chosen to accept same-sex relationships and live their lives openly and happily, because I know that there is nothing wrong with being gay.

In fact, a 2013 Pew Research Center survey found that only about 1 in 10 Americans say they “strongly agree” with the statement “gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry,” while nearly half of Americans say that they “agree” with that statement, too.

And while the vast majority of Americans have accepted the idea that gay and lesbian people should be able to get married, the vast minority of the LGBT population is still resisting the reality that the vast, vast majority have chosen a life-long, committed relationship.

It’s the LGBT “conversation” that has been so hard to change.

The most common criticism of marriage equality is that it will cause marriages to break down.

According to a Pew Research survey conducted in 2013, about one in five Americans said that the “convenience of marriage” is an issue that will prevent their marriage from working out.

This number rose to nearly two in five by 2015.

The reality is that the gay and transgender community is often more in need of stability than most people.

According the 2015 National Survey of Family Growth, only about 7 percent of Americans who identify as gay and bisexual say they are married to someone of the same gender.

And about a quarter of the population (26 percent) say they have been married more than once.

In other words, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which a gay person would ever choose to marry a person of the opposite gender, which would be the best outcome for them and their children.

A recent poll by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that a majority of parents who had a child of their own had already chosen not to have a same-gender relationship.

As for the LGBT communities most in need, the number of LGBT people in prison is far higher than the number incarcerated for hate crimes.

The prison population for LGBT people is so high that one in three LGBT people has been arrested for a hate crime.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom estimated that there are more than 2.2 million LGBT people incarcerated nationwide, more than double the number for the entire population of Americans.

That’s because the majority of LGBT incarceration is for crimes against persons, such as the harassment of transgender people, or the threat of violence against LGBT people.

If the majority LGBT population were to choose to live in an environment free of discrimination and violence, they would have no choice but to embrace the idea of being in a marriage where the marriage is based on love.

It would be impossible to have that same choice for any other group.

And that’s why the gay community has so many challenges when it comes to marriage equality.

The problem is not the LGBT people who are living with the reality of marriage being denied them.

The real issue is that they are living in an institution where they cannot freely choose who they love.

That institution is marriage.

But that institution has been constructed to serve the needs of those who control it.

It is a tool for the ruling class, not for the people.

And if the gay people in the gay marriage movement were allowed to make that choice, they’d be able choose for themselves the type of marriage they want to live out, and they’d have no way of knowing that their love for their partner would be compromised.

Marriage equality will only work if the majority gay and trans community is allowed to live free of any type of discrimination or violence, and to choose for their family who they are and the type and level of love that they want.

If we want a society where marriage is a choice, then we need to allow everyone the freedom to make the choice.

We need to recognize that there’s nothing wrong in having a relationship where the love is based not on a commitment to a partner, but on love for each other.

That is the freedom of love.

Posted by The American Progressive at 11:40 AM