How to get a Arkansas marriage license

Arkansas has issued a license for a lesbian couple who plan to wed.

The marriage license issued to Lisa Figaro and Tommie Davis was issued on April 6.

The couple will have to obtain a court order to wed and get married, which is normally done through a court clerk.

According to the couple’s attorney, the couple will need to submit affidavits from a doctor and a social worker, but they will not need to provide a marriage license.

A spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Family and Protective Services told the Associated Press that Figaro, who is from New York, and Davis, a New Jersey native, had their license revoked because of a failure to file a valid certificate of adoption.

They were told by the state’s Department of Revenue that they would have to submit their medical records and social worker report, which would include a medical certificate.

Davis, the spokesperson said, was required to get permission from her medical license examiner, who would then certify the document.

The Arkansas Secretary of State’s Office told the AP that the state is investigating the incident.

The Associated Press’ John Denton reported that Davis was granted permission to marry the couple in June of 2018.

Davis and Figaro had previously filed a petition with the Arkansas Supreme Court in April of 2018, but it was denied on the grounds that the couple was married before June 2018.

The Supreme Court later ordered a hearing and a final decision would come in 2018.