How to get married in Las Vegas

“I want to say that Las Vegas is the perfect place to marry.

There is nothing better than to go home and get married and get your kids back and have that family that you have always known,” says Stephanie Smith, who recently married her fiancé at the Palazzo Las Vegas.

“It is just so unique.

I have never been to Las Vegas and I’m going to tell you, it is so special.”

Smith, 31, is married to her fiance, Michael, who works for the hospitality industry in Las Angeles.

He has been with her since she met him in 2014, when she was 21.

“I love Las Vegas,” says Smith, whose parents moved to the city from New York City when she started her career in advertising.

“When I was younger, I was in the States, but it was a different time.

It was very different.

It’s just such a great place.

You can’t get there just by driving.

It is just such an amazing place.”

Smith’s marriage to her fiancée was officially certified on April 20, 2017, and she and Michael celebrated their nuptials in Las Vegas on April 17.

Smith is also a native of San Diego, where her father is a retired Marine Corps fighter pilot and where she grew up.

Smith has two older brothers, who also live in San Diego.

“We are not religious people, but we do pray a lot for each other and we go to church,” Smith says.

“There are so many people who are religious, and they just support each other.”

Smith was also inspired by her fiance, who she met at a gay bar in Las Venenos, where she met her best friend, a fellow gay man.

“Michael and I were talking about being together,” she says.

She is also impressed by the number of people she meets in her community who support their gay and lesbian friends.

“They’re just so supportive, and I just love it,” she adds.

“People are so open to me.”

The couple’s engagement ceremony was held in the Palazza hotel bar, which is one of the city’s most popular gay venues.

Smith says the reception was held on a private patio, and was attended by over 100 people. “My fiancé and I are very happy to be together,” says her fiance.

We have a wonderful life together.” “

And he is really, really good to me.

We have a wonderful life together.”

“We just have a love for eachother,” she continued.

“That’s what it’s all about.”

Smith says she feels more at home in her new home after marrying her fiancer.

“Las Vegas is just wonderful.

There’s so much history, and you can go to a gay and straight bar and just be happy,” she said.

“For me, the happiest time was when I went to my wedding.

I was so happy.

I love my husband, I love the country, I’m proud of our country, and Las Vegas has been great for us.”

Smith is the first person in the state of Nevada to marry in a same-sex ceremony.

In 2016, the state became the fifth in the country to allow same-day same-gender marriages, which have been legal since 2015.

Smith, along with her fiance and fellow couple, Brian and Melissa Bierman, married at the Las Vegas Palace of Fine Arts.

They are expected to celebrate their wedding on April 23.