When the law finally cracks down on marriage rings

If you were thinking about marrying, the law might just have caught up with you. 

But the law is a bit complicated, so let’s dive into some of the law’s loopholes, and see what you could do to circumvent it. 1.

Your ring’s serial number must be unique on all rings you own and carry Your ring is the first piece of evidence that you were married. 

The number is unique and cannot be changed without destroying the integrity of the marriage. 

You need to ensure that it is unique for the duration of your marriage.

A ring with the same number on all the rings you carry is a common ring, but it is not the same as one that was not your marriage, so if you are using a ring that was your wedding ring, you must change it.2.

If you buy a ring from a vendor, you can’t use it for any purpose you want to It is possible for you to use a ring as a gift for someone else. 

This means that you cannot use the ring as your wedding gift for yourself, or for anyone else, and you can not use it as a wedding ring for yourself or someone else to buy. 


If someone buys your ring from you, they can use it to legally buy a car or car insurance The same goes for car insurance.

If the car is purchased with your ring, the insurance company can use the car as a basis for determining if you owe a tax bill. 


You can’t give your ring away or sell it You can only give your wedding rings away to other people. 

If someone offers you a wedding gift with a wedding rings serial number, they must make a record of the transaction. 


If your marriage breaks up, you need to keep it separate You must not use the same ring to enter into another marriage.

This includes if you divorce or end your marriage in another state. 


If a friend or family member buys your wedding band, you cannot sell it They must also keep it for at least two years, and they can’t sell it. 7.

If anyone buys a wedding band and you are not the ring bearer, you may not give it to them.


If it breaks, you are required to send the ring back to the vendor They can only take your wedding bands back if they have made a record and filed a receipt. 


If people use your ring as their wedding gift, you will be legally responsible If someone gives you a ring and you give it as wedding gift to someone else, you could be legally liable for that gift if you do not pay the gift back. 


If they sell it, they have to get permission to use it You will be required to get a written permission from the vendor for anyone to use your wedding gear. 


If any of your wedding gifts are damaged, you have to pay for repairs If you receive a wedding party ring, your party can only use it in a certain way, and that must include not selling it.

You may be required, if you have purchased the ring, to pay the vendor to have the ring repaired. 


If I break up with my husband or break up my relationship, I will lose my wedding rings If your wedding gets damaged or broken, you would be legally required to make a written request to the wedding vendor to be able to use the wedding rings. 


If my marriage breaks down and I have to move, I must pay the bride price If you break up or divorce, you also have to be responsible for paying for any wedding expenses incurred during the break-up. 


If there is a new engagement ring, it is illegal to get it if the person who received the wedding ring is not legally married to the person with the wedding band If you get a new ring or wedding band for your spouse, you should get the marriage ring certified as a marriage ring and register it as your own, and send it to the bride or groom with the appropriate documentation. 


If an attorney, lawyer, or witness gives your ring to a judge, they will have to file a court order to get your ring returned If you are married and you want your wedding to be legally valid, you do need to get the judge to issue a court ordered order to the venue to give your rings to you.

If one of your rings is damaged, it must be returned to the place of purchase, and if you give a wedding wedding gift that is not a wedding, you and the person you gave it to must make arrangements to have it returned. 


If some of your belongings get lost in the mail, the vendor can’t legally sell it If a wedding has to be held in a different location, the bride and groom will have the legal right to sell the wedding gift and the wedding venue will have an obligation to return it.

If you have some wedding items, including wedding