‘Happy Marriage Anniversary’: How Happy Marriage Anniversary Happened and Why

Happy marriage anniversary!

It’s a great day for everyone.

For you.

For me.

For your marriage.

For me.

Happy marriage birthday.

I’m so happy, that I don’t even know why.

I think it’s because my husband and I have been married for three years now, and it’s the best three years of my life.

I’ve had an amazing, wonderful marriage.

It’s been one of the best experiences of my entire life.

He’s my best friend.

He was my hero.

He made me a better person, and he’s been a huge part of everything that has happened since that day in June.

I’ve had a lot of things happen to me, but this is by far the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

And I’ll never forget that.

It was a really special day.

I just can’t thank him enough.

He gave me everything.

I don’t know how I got here, but I’m ready to go out and enjoy life again.

We are not going to live in a cave, we’re going to get married, we’ll have kids, and we’ll get married.

It will be special.

I will say this, though, that we are going to have to have an open relationship with one another.

We’re not going out of our way to be friends with each other, we won’t be able to get drunk with each one of you.

We don’t want to be in a relationship.

That’s just how it is.

We’ve already decided that.

We have decided that we’re not.

We want to do this together.

We won’t go back to our old habits of talking to one another over beers, or texting, or dating, or being friends.

We’ll be friends.

I love that my husband has decided to take his life.

You can tell from the way he’s smiling when he says that.

I can tell that I love him, too.

I can’t say anything about our relationship without getting into a fight with my husband.

I know he would love me if he could see me smiling like that.

He would love to see me smile like that and I know I can see him smiling too.

I don.

I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure that I can feel that smile.

I guess it would be kind of difficult to be that happy and to smile like this, but we can do that, and you can see how happy I am when I smile.

It makes me feel better.

I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us through this journey.

It really means the world to me that you all are supporting us.

We really are blessed to have so many people like you.

We are still in the very early stages of this process, but the thought of this day and the thought that it will happen again is so much better than what life is like now.

I want to thank everyone for all the support.

We will be able be together forever.

We love you all.

Thank you.

Happy birthday, you beautiful, wonderful person!