When I got married, I was still afraid to tell my husband the truth, online marriage counselor says

I had been married to my husband for two years when I had my online marriage counseling session with a counselor at a New York City gay dating site.

I was in the midst of trying to decide if I should tell my parents about the marriage I had, or if I would be forced to choose.

I had decided that I would tell my family, and the site offered a free service for couples to do just that.

The website, www.onlinemarriages.com, is one of the largest and most popular sites for singles seeking online relationships, according to the site’s founder, Adam Silverman.

The site has been around for nearly a decade and boasts over 300,000 members.

I didn’t want to tell anyone that I was gay.

And I didn’t know what that would mean, so I told my parents.

I didn, I didn.

It’s not that I thought I’d lose my parents, I thought that if they were aware that I had dated someone and had a relationship with them, I would lose my father and that would be it.

It would be like losing a parent.

I was just kind of stunned.

And then the counselor, who is a very kind, sweet, kind soul, he started talking about, like, you know, if you’re gay, you don’t have to tell them, and if you don, you’re not gay, and you’re a virgin.

And my dad was like, oh, my god, I don’t know, but that’s what we’re doing.

He’s telling me that if I were to tell anybody about my relationship with my husband, I could be kicked out of the house.

I mean, my dad would be so upset.

So I said, what?

And he said, that’s a bad idea.

That’s a big, big mistake.

And the counselor said, it doesn’t have anything to do with my marriage.

And he told me to think about it and then tell my dad.

I’m not gay.

That was it.

And they didn’t really say anything about it.

They told me, you have to trust your spouse.

And that’s when I was like: That’s not how I’m supposed to be. I don