How to win your marriage with Elton John

John’s wife, Jillian, and the couple’s kids have been the focus of media speculation ever since the superstar announced his marriage to Jillian last week.

A few weeks ago, the actress posted an Instagram post announcing the engagement.

Now, the couple has gotten more than a little flak for their relationship, which is no secret.

But Jillian’s husband and father of their children, David Johnson, has taken to social media to try to distance himself from the rumors.

He’s been taking shots at John and Jillian on Twitter and Instagram, saying that they are not the same people.

“The rumors that are circulating around Elton and Jill are completely untrue.

We’re no longer friends,” Johnson wrote.

“Elton is a brilliant, caring, generous and inspiring person.

We have a very special bond, and we’re very proud of our relationship.

Jillian is a talented singer and artist.

She will always be a member of the Kings and we hope to continue to see her on stage and in front of our fans in a few years.””

As for the rumors that have been floating around, there is nothing that can be said about our relationship that is not true,” he added.

“Jillian and Elton are great friends and they are very proud to be friends with each other.”

We asked Johnson if there were any other rumors out there about the couple.

“There is no rumor that has any basis in fact,” he said.


We are the same family and we are not going to change who we are.”

Johnson is not the only one taking shots on Twitter about the rumors, either.

A fan posted a screenshot of a tweet by an anonymous person who claims to be the mother of a child that is being raised by Jillian and John.

That tweet has since been removed, but you can see it on the Twitter timeline of the account.

“I am proud to say that I was raised by Elton’s mother and Jillians father, and that he and his family are still living here in California.

Jill’s father was the head of the LAPD in the early 70s and Elston’s mother was an actress,” the tweet reads.

“This is a true story and I was not able to confirm or deny the authenticity of it.”

When we asked Johnson about the story, he told us that he’s not sure what’s in the tweet.

“It was obviously not mine, and it’s a fact that I’m not proud of,” he told Billboard.

“But I am proud of how we are raising our children, and I hope people who know about this don’t use it as a way to bash us.”

As for what’s actually happening in the world, Johnson is confident that the couple is moving on and that Jillian will be raising their two children, who are currently in the custody of their biological mother.

“They have both been very, very loving to their kids and very supportive,” Johnson said.

“I know that she’s a very dedicated mother and that’s a big part of it.

I’ve known Jillian for many years, and she’s always been the person who was at the front of the line and helped people when they needed it.”