Which state is the happiest?

A report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the state with the most satisfied people is Queensland.

In its latest Australian Community Satisfaction Index (ACSI), released on Wednesday, the ABS also found the people in Queensland were the happiest in the country.

It said the survey revealed there was a correlation between happiness levels and the number of marriages in Queensland.

It also said that the state’s population growth rate had led to a greater number of people having a relationship and marriage.

“There’s a lot of happiness and well-being out there and it’s not a one-size-fits-all state,” Dr Andrew McEwan, a professor of sociology at the University of Queensland, told ABC Radio.

“You can have the most happy people in New South Wales, and they’re also going to have the least happiness.

But it’s a state that’s grown, and it is a state where people can be very happy in their own homes.”

Dr McEwans work is focused on the sociology of social networks.

He has previously explored the relationship between a relationship’s length and quality and the quality of that relationship.

Dr McEswan said while happiness levels in Australia were improving, there was still a lot more to be done.

“I think that’s what’s been happening in Australia is that people are doing a better job of recognising how good they are at communicating with others, and then they’re doing more to understand how they’re getting on with life,” he said.

“They’re doing a bit more of their work online and on social media, and a lot less in their everyday lives.”

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