Bride-to-be, 19, gets a divorce after ‘sad’ divorce

A 19-year-old bride-to be is suing her ex-husband after he filed for divorce in the state of California.

In a lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Lauren J. Smith, who is from Santa Monica, Calif., said her ex filed for a divorce in December after she found out she was pregnant.

Smith said in the lawsuit that her ex’s ex-wife, Daniel L. Schmitt, is not the father of the child.

Smith is asking for $10 million in damages, as well as attorney’s fees and costs.

Schumann, a licensed therapist who lives in Los Alamitos, Calif.

told the Associated Press he filed the divorce papers because he was unhappy with Smith.

Schmitt told the AP that the divorce paperwork was “a little bit ridiculous” and that he did not have custody of the baby.

Schmitt is suing Smith and her parents for $2.5 million, claiming that they were “stunned” when he told them the baby was not his.

Smith told the San Jose Mercury News in November that she and her husband had agreed to split up after a year.

She said that after they divorced, Schmitt “had me going on about my relationship with my ex and the fact that I was pregnant with his child.”

Smith said she had a miscarriage, and that she was unable to find another partner who would support her financially.

She also said that her husband, who she described as a “good, hard-working guy,” would not take her back to California.

Schumann told the Mercury News that he was not the mother of the newborn and that the baby is his.