How to legally marry in Virginia, common law marriage

In Virginia, marriage is now legally recognized as a union between a man and a woman.

But there are some questions that are still up in the air and a lot of people are wondering if they need a Virginia marriage license.

Here are some common questions about Virginia marriage licenses and how to get one:Will a Virginia divorce be valid?

If it’s legal, will a divorce be granted?

Is it legal for a married person to change his or her marital status?

Will a Virginia divorcing spouse have to get a new license to change marital status again?

How does a Virginia woman get married in Virginia?

A woman may marry in the state if she meets the following requirements:She is 21 years of age and unmarried.

She has not yet reached age 25.

She is not divorced or separated from her husband.

She is not legally separated from a husband.

She will be legally married to her husband for at least one year after her divorce.

Her husband has attained the age of majority in the jurisdiction of the court in which she is being married.

What about children born out of wedlock?

If a child born out the marriage is unmarried, that child must have his or the other parent’s permission.

The child’s mother and father are not required to give permission to the child.

Is a child legally adopted?

Is a Virginia child legally separated?

If your child is not yet 18 years old, you may be able to adopt them.

However, if your child has reached the age that Virginia allows them to marry, it is still considered legal for the child to be adopted.

Is there a special form of ID required?

Virginia requires a driver’s license or state ID card.

The state also has a photo ID card, and a state-issued photo ID must be affixed to the vehicle at the time of the license transaction.

Does this apply to same-sex couples?


Virginia does not recognize same-gender marriages, although it does recognize marriages between two men and two women.

The law also does not include marriage by same- sex couples, which is legal in some jurisdictions.

What happens if a Virginia judge finds a Virginia couple is in breach of its marriage laws?

The judge will order the couple to either enter into a voluntary civil union or divorce, but the couple will not be required to register as a married couple.

How long will the couples stay married?

The spouses will be married for one year and can continue to practice their professions of business or trade.

Does Virginia require a license for civil unions?

No, but civil unions may be used to settle debts, and there are additional benefits.

Will Virginia’s same-day marriage license be valid for the next four years?


The license will be valid from January 1, 2019 through February 1, 2020.

What is the time frame for issuing a new Virginia marriage certificate?

The clerk will issue a new marriage certificate to a registered Virginia couple who has filed a complaint for divorce or for whom the couple has filed for a divorce.

What does the court do when a Virginia married couple is seeking a new divorce?

The court will order a hearing for the marriage to be certified and entered into a civil union.

Will a divorce decree be entered in the same day?

No and no.

The divorce decree must be entered by a judge, and it will be entered after the marriage.

Will the spouses be permitted to file for divorce and have a court hearing?

No both spouses are permitted to participate in a court proceeding.

The marriage will be considered to be dissolved if the court finds the parties have entered into an agreement to dissolve the marriage, or if the spouses file for bankruptcy.

What happens if there is no court hearing for a Virginia same- day marriage?

The divorce decree will be sealed and the parties will not have the right to have it heard by a court.

Will an unmarried person be able marry a spouse of another gender?

Yes, unless they have been divorced.

Can an unmarried woman get a marriage license in Virginia if she has reached her 16th birthday?

Yes she can.

Does the state recognize a marriage between a woman and a man if the parties are married?

Yes it does.

Is a Virginia man able to marry a woman if she is a virgin?

Yes he can.

What are the rules for obtaining a Virginia license if I’m divorced or widowed?

You must be divorced or in a committed, unrepentant, or remarried relationship.

Is there a time frame?

The license must be issued within 90 days of the divorce.

Does it have to be filed in the name of the deceased?

No it must be filed on the person who died.

Can a widow be married in a Virginia civil union?

No she can’t.

Is Virginia required to issue a Virginia birth certificate?

No Virginia is required to make an accurate birth certificate.

Is it acceptable to use an outdated birth certificate as proof of a marriage?

No the current birth certificate does not need to be dated.

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