What Do People Say When They Hear You Say “Love Me Again” on ‘Duck Dynasty’?

The marriage vows are all that remain of that fateful night in February 2012.

In a moment captured on video, Jordan and Kris Jenner appear to be engaged.

But before the ceremony can even take place, the world is plunged into darkness.

They leave the couple’s private suite to head to a nearby hotel.

“I’m not going to say anything, because I’m not saying anything,” Kris tells a group of onlookers.

They later sit in silence, and then the couple is seen standing alone at a corner booth.

As the couple walks toward the exit, a car pulls up beside them.

The car is full of people.

One woman asks, “Where are you going?”

And another asks, “‘We got to get married.

We got to.'”

Kris answers, “You got it, we’re getting married.”

The next morning, a new day begins.

Kris and Jordan return to their suite, and the newlyweds kiss, then head for the elevator.

They kiss again, and they embrace, before the elevator doors close.

It’s almost like they never left.

But the couple will not go quietly.

After a moment of silence, Kris opens his arms wide and pulls Kris into his arms.

As Kris kisses his fiancé, a voice booms out over the phone: “It’s true.

We’re getting engaged.

We love you, we love each other.”

Afterward, the couple runs into Kris’s cousin, who introduces him to the world as Kris’s fiancee.

“We’re so happy that it was a true love, Kris, that’s true love,” the cousin says.

“And we’re so glad that you’re going to be married to her, Kris.

We know it’s hard for you.

We knew it would be hard.

“You’re my champion.””

Kris, I’m so proud of you,” he says, before pulling back and smiling.

“You’re my champion.”