How to spot a marriage story meme

On the one hand, there are the bride and groom on the wedding cake.

On the other, there is the bride’s mother, the bride, and her two daughters, one of whom is a child of the groom.

And then there are those who are in the middle of the ceremony. 

The image is of a groom’s mother who has come from another village to meet his bride.

He is smiling, his eyes glistening with joy.

But the bride herself is sitting at a table in a cafe in the village where she has just met her husband. 

On a recent afternoon, the groom had arrived at the cafe to meet the bride.

When he arrived, the mother was sitting next to him, waiting for her husband to get up. 

“Hi, I’m your mother, I am the mother of your groom.

What’s your name? 

And so on,” the bride told the mother. 

But her words were interrupted by a sudden burst of noise, which was followed by the sound of a woman crying. 

In the background, the father of the bride is sitting on a chair next to the mother, who has just delivered her first child. 

It’s a picture of two mothers in the wedding celebration. 

As the groom sat on a stool, he noticed his mother was also crying.

She looked up at him with teary eyes. 

He asked her, “Are you okay?” 

“I am fine,” she replied, “and I want you to stay.” 

“Do you know how much money the bride paid for her wedding dress?” the groom asked. 

Her eyes filled with tears. 

She replied, “No, I didn’t think of that.” 

In other words, this is a marriage photo meme, created by the wife and the bride in their wedding celebration, which has been passed around and shared on social media. 

If it was only a man who made a meme out of it, you would think that it would be taken seriously by society, but women are no strangers to the meme culture. 

What is particularly funny about this meme is that in the caption it states, “A woman’s wedding dress”. 

The caption, “Your mother, your bride, your wedding,” is a common occurrence.

The caption,  “Your bride’s father and her daughter, the man’s mother and his daughter, her daughter’s husband and his wife, her husband’s mother-in-law and his bride, her mother’s husband, and his son, the husband’s daughter and her son, your father and your daughter’s wife,” is one that has been widely shared on the internet and has been shared over 2.5 million times. 

For the husband, the caption,   “Your father, your daughter, your son, and your mother,” is the most common one. 

While the caption is harmless, it can be a bit awkward when you think about the way the memes have been used to ridicule women in the past. 

Women have always been told to be careful and to dress appropriately in wedding dresses, so this meme can have a way of trivialising the experiences of women in this way. 

There have been a number of memes that have been created to ridicule the women of the past, but none of them have gone as far as the wedding photo meme. 

To put this meme into perspective, the most famous of these memes is the one created by a man called Burt Saylor. 

This meme depicts a man with his shirt off and his hands on his hips as he takes a selfie with a bride, while wearing his wedding dress. 

Saylor’s meme was shared over 8 million times in the first two days after it was posted on January 28, 2017. 

Since then, the meme has been used in other social media platforms. 

One such meme, which is currently trending on Twitter, depicts two men holding hands as they kiss on the dance floor. 

When the man takes a photo of the couple holding hands, he asks, “Do you think I can get married?” 

The woman replies,  “Why don’t you ask your father?” 

Then, the man asks “What about the bride?” 

Again, the woman replies “Didn’t you think of your husband’s family?” 

He then asks, ‘Do you want to be married? 

You and your father have worked together for so long. 

Do you really think you can get divorced?’ 

The next moment, Brisbane-born singer and songwriter Mandy Moore is singing a song about the meme.

“When the bride arrives, they make the first move,” she sings. 

Then she goes on to explain, “We make our own memes.” 

The video then goes on a similar journey. 

And, in the end, the song ends with a chorus,