How to marry your best friend? Here are the answers from two marriage therapists.

Newsweek’s Kim Kardashians and Emily Schwan are the authors of the book “How to Marry Your Best Friend.”

They are married in their own home.

Their marriage has been going on for two years.

They spoke to Newsweek about their experiences with marriage therapists, what they have learned, and what you should know about them.

Newsweek: Hi Kim, how are you doing?

Kardasian: We’re doing great.

The book has been amazing.

It has changed the way I approach marriage.

People want to talk about it and share it.

People ask me if it was difficult for me to get married and, like, “What are you talking about?”

I think it was pretty challenging.

But the biggest change was that we realized that there are some people who are really great at understanding how to manage relationships and how to be effective at doing that.

We have seen how these people can actually be really, really helpful and really powerful, and really help their partners understand how they’re feeling, how they can move forward, and how they could really, truly get married.

We also started noticing that we were seeing more of those same types of relationships in our own lives.

They are really strong.

It’s like a puzzle to me.

I can’t imagine what it’s like for a partner of mine who is like, I’m tired of this.

They’re like, Oh, it’s fine.

I’m ready to move on.

It takes a lot of courage for someone like me to actually, honestly, accept that it’s not going to be easy.

Schwan: We have a very close relationship.

When we were younger, we were all so close, and now we’re not.

We both have very different interests.

I think I do better with my husband because I have a stronger relationship with him.

I don’t think he does better.

And I think we’re both doing better.

Karda: We did the whole thing with a really open heart.

And it was hard, because it was like, You’re supposed to be so confident and so strong, and then it turns out you can’t handle this stuff.

And then the first time we had a disagreement, it was really hard.

You’re like the only person on earth that could do that.

Schw: I was the one that felt like, Why is this going on?

Why is it taking this long?

I mean, this is my husband.

We’ve been married for almost nine years.

I feel like I’m supposed to have this kind of strength.

We’re supposed, and I’m still not.

I am so happy I’m not the only one.

We did it because we were able to.

I mean that was kind of our choice.

It was a really good, really tough decision, to be honest with you.

And also, we’re all kind of very, very similar in a lot the ways that we are.

I had a lot more confidence in my own mind than I did with my partner.

And now I know that I am stronger.

Schwa: We both started out in different fields, in different things.

I was in marketing and social media, and he was in accounting.

I’ve always been a perfectionist, but I think that has changed a lot.

I love doing both, but now I’m much more confident in myself.

I just feel that I’m doing everything right, and that it doesn’t take too long to realize what’s going on.

But when I was younger, I was always very nervous about being the first one out of the door.

I thought, Why am I the first?

I think now, I can feel that this is a good place to start, because this is the place where we can get to know each other.

It is a safe place to have a good, healthy relationship.

Kardson: I feel more confident than ever, because I feel my own energy is flowing.

It seems like it’s just a matter of time.

Schwal: When I first started my marriage, I thought it was a good idea to just keep it small.

I knew it was not going be easy, but at the same time, I knew that I had to give it my all.

And the way to do that is by giving myself the time and the space.

That was my biggest fear: I knew I was not ready for this.

I did not know how to do it.

I still don’t.

Schwer: I would say, You have to give yourself permission to be the person you want to be.

You have got to get the confidence, and the self-confidence, and all the other stuff.

You’ve got to feel comfortable with yourself, and you’ve got a lot to learn.

But I think once you’ve done that, you will be able to feel like you are doing the right things, and it will be like, This is who

Irish woman’s marriage proposal, which involves a sperm donor, is on the table

The Irish woman who has been the focus of a global online campaign has made a breakthrough proposal that could see her married in the near future.

Katherine Kelly, a former schoolteacher and an independent who is the first woman to marry in the country, made the proposal to Irish newspaper The Irish Times in the hope that it would have the desired effect.

“I have the right to marry someone of my choice, and I would be able to share the joys of our marriage with others,” she said.

“It would be my first time being married in Ireland and I want to share my experience with others so that it will be the norm in the future.”

Ms Kelly, from New Ross, Co Kerry, said her marriage proposal was based on the principles of the Catholic Church and the Church of England.

“This is not about me or my family.

The Church says that is marriage and that’s what we believe.””

I believe in equal marriage, and that marriage is between one man and one woman.”

The Church says that is marriage and that’s what we believe.

“In 2012, a proposal by Ms Kelly to marry a man who donated sperm to her and a woman who donated blood to her in the UK was rejected.

The couple, who live in Co Roscommon, Co Tipperary, said they were still waiting to receive the proposal.

The issue of gay marriage in Ireland was not discussed during the campaign, which was launched by The Irish Herald and featured a video of Ms Kelly and her partner kissing.

The proposal is the latest example of a growing push to have gay marriage legalised in Ireland.

The government is considering legislation which would allow same-sex couples to marry, including a constitutional amendment.

In January, the Supreme Court struck down a legal challenge to the introduction of same-gender civil unions.

In July, the Irish Supreme Court ruled that civil unions cannot be treated as marriage by the state.