How to get married in Ohio

Ohio is in the middle of a debate over same-sex marriage and the marriage certificate issue.

The state is considering whether to allow the practice.

The debate comes after the Supreme Court legalized same-gender marriage nationwide last week, and Gov.

John Kasich signed a bill to do the same in the state this week.

On Monday, Kasich signed an executive order that would allow the state to allow for same-Gender Couples to get marriage certificates.

However, a coalition of gay and lesbian advocacy groups and a local legal group say the bill will only provide legal recognition to same-Sex Couples and will not change Ohio’s current laws.

They argue that Ohio’s existing laws on marriage, adoption and civil unions are already sufficient for same sex couples.

“If the Legislature and Governor want to amend the law to allow same- gender couples to get a marriage certificate, that is the correct thing to do,” said Ohio State University law professor Jennifer R. Johnson.

However, a spokeswoman for the Ohio Department of Human Services said that “a law-abiding same- sex couple can get a wedding license, whether or not they have a valid marriage license, without a state license.”

According to a report by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, Ohio’s marriage laws currently prohibit couples from getting a marriage license on the grounds of sexual orientation.

However it is up to the Ohio attorney general to decide if that is a valid basis for issuing a marriage or adoption license.