Which states have same-sex marriages now?

A marriage license is required from the judge, the attorney, and the registrar of each of the states where gay marriage is legal.

Here are the key states where gays and lesbians can get married: Alabama: Gay marriage is now legal in the state.

The Supreme Court ruled that Alabama was the only state in the U.S. that allowed same-gender couples to get married.

Alaska: Alaska became the 23rd state to legalize gay marriage.

Arizona: Same-sex marriage was legalized in Arizona.

New Hampshire: New Hampshire voters approved a constitutional amendment to ban same-semen marriage in 2012.

Hawaii: Hawaii became the 26th state to approve same-day marriage.

Idaho: The state Supreme Court voted 5-3 in 2014 to ban gay marriage in the country’s largest state.

Massachusetts: Massachusetts became the 21st state to allow same-level marriage rights.

Nevada: Nevada became the 24th state on Sunday to allow gay marriage and adoption rights.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma became the 32nd state to permit same-dying marriage in April.

Oregon: Oregon became the 35th state last month to allow it.

Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned a state law banning same- sex marriage in 2015.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island became the 33rd state on Saturday to legalize same- gender marriages.

Vermont: Vermont became the 34th state this month to permit it.

Virginia: Virginia became the 39th state in June to allow gays and lesbian couples to wed.

Washington: Washington became the 41st state on Wednesday to allow such marriages.

Wyoming: Wyoming became the 45th state Monday to approve such marriages for same- or opposite-sex couples.

Wisconsin: Same sex marriage is also legal in Wisconsin.