How to get a Wisconsin marriage license


— A Wisconsin couple wants a marriage license after they had to move out of their state due to a temporary marriage license law in the state.

The couple, who live in New Jersey, say they’ve been married for two years and have been getting their driver’s licenses for a year and a half.

The couple, David and Melissa Peltz, say the state of New Jersey has not given them a license to use their home address, which is their business address, and that they don’t have the money to pay the required fee to get their marriage license.

Peltz says the state needs to change the law to make marriage legal for the married.

“If they want to change this law, they have to change it now,” Pelt, who lives in New York, told WISN 10 News.

The couple said they were able to get married in New Zealand last month because New Zealand law allows couples to marry in a country they are currently resident in, and the couple said that’s what they would have to do in Wisconsin if the state wanted to change their state marriage license to allow them to marry.

The state Department of Health has not issued a license for marriage in Wisconsin.

The Peltzes said they don,t plan to change that.